Seiwakai Cape Town hombu dojo Tableview under Peter Klipfel

      Seiwa Kai  Cape Town Training methods

My aim is simple - I want to produce a neat good looking martial artist that people in general will admire - Not only for what they can do in karate ,but also outside of karate - Peter Klipfel sensei

Fujiwara testing a student doing Sanchin

For many years I taught both children and adults and maintained a high stand with regards Basic training - Through this the students progresses easily to Black belt and beyond and also became top sports karate people as well winning local , national and international titles ...

Now I have returned , but only to teach from 14 years and up...Members will receive one on one training to make sure they understand -- It will be about quality not quantity

 The training methods this time will be more intense and also more scientific , concentrating on eating habits , diets , body conditioning and strengthening  ...Before good karate can be administered , the body and mind must be correct ..

I want to also clarify from the start --  I am not Japanese , I do not presort to be one , or am I going to try and act like one or make my students pretend that they are Japanese ... We practice the art of karate and we respect the founder and teachers that pass down the knowledge - end of story .. we also do not go down the avenue of yoga either ....

Seisa in a dojo
Goju Ryu Seiwa Kai  karate Tableview

Students will be made to feel confident and believe in what they can do and also be proud of their standard ....  This take hours of hard training -- first to tame the mind to accepting a no failure mentality and not giving up .... From there only good posture and good karate techniques can prevail .....

Building others to pass down the tradition is one of my major points in why I teach and teach with passion I do ..

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