Seiwakai Cape Town hombu dojo Tableview under Peter Klipfel

       Top KSA and WKF Karate Sport Athletes in Seiwa Kai  South Africa

Troy Futter - Emma Wentzel and Morgan Moss  awards by KSA

Seiwakai has under gone a huge change for the better during 2019 and 2020 ... We have had top KSA karate ka join us and bring with them their expertise and pride when they win in tournaments  in and around SA..

We have super contestants and sensei,s  like Morgan Moss, Shane Moss, Nadia Moss, Alphonso Afrika, Mary Jamieson, Emma Wenzel, and Candice the up and coming all star ...

In Traditional karate we are led by Ben Mare Kyoshi 8th Dan KSA and 7th Dan Seiwa Kai  as well as Peter Klipfel 7th Dan and Jay Padachee 6th Dan  ... 

Alphonso Afrika Sensei  Cape Town  Seiwakai

To the left is Alphonso Afrika and top athlete and also producing top athletes in kata and kumite

From L - R ...  Troy Futter , Emma Wentzel and Morgan Moss

shane moss  and Nadia Moss Sensei
Mary Jamieson sensei and Emma Wenzel sensei   - seiwakai

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