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Seiichi Fujiwara 8th Dan Hanshi  - Head of Seiwa Kai

Seiichi Fujiwara Shihan was born in 1950.  He began his training in Goju ryu under Gogen Yamaguchi Shihan.

Today he has earned the ranks of 8th Dan JKF GK, 8th Dan Seiwakai Goju ryu and 7th Dan Japan Karatedo Federation. Fujiwara Sensei is also a Director and Coach of Akita Karatedo Federation GK.

He serves as a senior member of the Overseas Committee for the JKF Gojukai and is Vice President of the Gojuryu Karatedo Seiwakai Association, one of the largest Gojuryu Karatedo Associations in the world. He serves as a JKF GK Overseas Director.

He makes 3 - 4 trips each year to coach mainly Europe and America. Currently his students number over 8,500 and in his home region, Omagari City he instructs 150 students at the 7 branches. He also instructs High School students at the Omagari Tachidake Gymnasium (Budokan). Currently his SeiWaKai Akita Omagari Dojo (Honbu Dojo) is located at 18-5 Wakatake-cho, Omagari-shi, Akita-ken, Japan.

•Japan Karatedo Federation GK: 8th Dan

•Seiwkai Gojuryu Karatedo; 8th Dan

•Japan Karatedo Federation; 7th Dan

•Vice President; Seiwakai Gojuryu Karatedo

•Former; National Champion Kata and Kumite

•Director and Coach; Akita Karate-Do Federation GK

•Senior member; Oversees Committee for National Karate-Do Federation GK

•Appointed; Executive Director of the JKF GK

Seiwa Kai Karate Cape Town - Seiichi Fujiwara  Hanshi
Dan testing Seiwa Kai  Cape town
Fujiwara Hanshi 8th Dan / Cape Town Seiwa Kai karate

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