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Why Small group  karate classes are preferential -  Tableview karate Dojo

When joining karate for the first time, it  can be quiet daunting , especially if you walk into a dojo with 50 screaming pajama clad people ..

Well let me tell you up front , all dojo`s should be friendly and welcoming .. No matter how big or small they are.

Each karate club / school has something to offer .. Some are sport orientated, so if you are not that way inclined then that is NOT the place for you .. While others are strictly traditional and no sport affiliation ...

The other is those that walk the tightrope teaching both a good standard of karate and sport karate .. So the member can either learn the sport aspect and not participate and learn the traditional aspect as well ..

NOW !  Why are small classes preferential ..???

Well  firstly the instructor if passionate about karate and seeking to improve the student and not just make a quick buck ..  needs to be able to pick up errors and correct them constantly .. I have over the years seen so many instructors overlook glaring errors and do nothing about it .. So whether they saw it or not is not certain .. but in my case i Bring it to there attention to be more observant when teaching

Fujiwara Hanshi  teaching and using his skills

Small  karate classes allow the instructor to be more observant and look for mistakes and correct the member faster for progress.

To do that for 50 people in a class is virtually impossible and all those that get corrected are the teachers pets in the end and those needing correction and it takes time are neglected..

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