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Atlantis Dojo  -  Instructor :  Alfphonso Afrika 5th Dan

Having joined Seiwa Kai Cape Town back in Oct 2019 Alfphonso sensei has been doing extremely well in building and shaping his students and dojo in Atlantis .

Alfphonso excelled well in the sport field and did very well earning National colours for KATA representing SA ...

Many of his students in Atlantis on the West Coast of Cape Town are also excellent in both sport and traditional karate .

Alfphonso Afrika graded to Godan 5th Dan in September 2020 under the watchfull eye of Ben Mare 7th Dan (SA) , Vassie Naidoo 8th Dan (USA)  and Craig Vokey (Canada) 7th Dan.

For more information on training times of classes and how to Join call  072 027 3772  or email

More info to be added with regards venue and times


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