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      Why start karate classes ??? --  Best time is to start NOW

Everyone at some time in their lives wished that they knew some form of self defense for themselves or their children..

Many think they they cannot do karate from seeing martial arts movies or TV ...                                                                        Let me tell you up front -- You are never to old to start a karate career .. Regardless of your fitness level , medical condition and view of what karate is ...

It is quiet daunting to first step into a Karate Dojo - But let me assure you .. The Seiwa Kai Goju Ryu instructor is friendly and welcoming ... Beginners will be taught from scratch - they will undergo fitness to suit there needs as well as be taught the syllabus required for there beginner status

One thing most of the people have in common is this nagging uncertainty.

Am I too old to be doing this?!” 
Certainly Not  

when you look around at most Karate dojos of today and see these difficult punches and kicks, you get afraid. That’s not something a frail old adult should be doing is it?                      Sure, some crazy adults are doing it , but they to were also thinking like you,, but they took the leap and now are enjoying the benefits of karate.  You are never to old to learn - Everyone goes at there own pace -- There is no competition

Perhaps all adults just have this competence fetish; they cling desperately to their dignity like a little boy to his security blanket; they want to be good at everything they do, and (they think) everyone expects them to be good at anything they do. It’s like adults are meant to be dignified and able; adults aren’t allowed to show ignorance or confusion.

We all walked that road - Me included ... But with a great instructor and helpful Black belts and friendly members ,you will accomplish things you never dreamed off... So set your worries aside and join a class and see why millions are doing karate around the world .

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Benefits of Karate

  • stress release
  • relaxation
  • body toning
  • body conditioning
  • self confidence
  • expand your friendship circle
  • learn to be a leader
Karate classes for Teens and adults in Parklands and  Tableview Cape Town

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