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Why we do not take away ranks and grades from those Joining Seiwa Kai Cape Town

Let me Briefly explain why we do not take away ranks and grades awarded to members from another organization and also mention that  we DO NOT  award grades or ranks to those that do not deserve them ..

Firstly there are Traditional karate organization with a lineage to either Japan or Okinawa. They are in the following catagories of styles -  Goju Ryu ... Shotokan... Shito Ryu.. Wado Ryu .. Kyokushin ...Then you have karate clubs not affiliated to any international organization of repute ..

Should a member want to join Seiwa Kai  SA then he she will keep their rank and continue training until such time as the desired level has been reached with regards time and standard , before they can resume there karate path. 

However the likely hood of a member from a traditional karate attaining the desire level will be faster as they have come from a solid foundation of teaching ..

At the end of the day it is up to the member to get there ducks in a row and acquire  what we ask for as a standard rule. 

Attention to detail will be given to individual students so that improvement and advancement is faster .


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We do not take away members ranks when they join Seiwa Kai and NOR do we AWARD grades and ranks to those that do not deserve them -

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