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Ben Mare -  7th Dan  Kyoshi 

       Chief Instructor SA

Ben Mare Sensei and myself go back to 1986 when we were part of the IKGA under Peter Brandon shihan ... Today Ben Mare is the director for Seiwa Kai in South Africa and Africa as a whole ..

Ben is a quiet man that leads from the front and has taken Seiwa Kai forward since 1999 ... Prior to that he was a student of Stan Hart and Leo Lipinski before joining the IKGa .. However his vision to grow what Tasaki founded was greater , so he left to build Seiwa kai under the late Leo lipinski Hanshi ..

Ben has his dojo in Durban in the Hillcrest area .. The dojo is host to many 6th dans , 5th , 4th 3rd, 2nd and Shodans as well as many students that train diligently under his watchful eye ...

Presently Ben Mare sensei is the President of KZN and is involved in the matters of KSA under Sonny Pillay Hanshi - President of KSA --  Ben sensei has many National All style champs in his camp that are involved with KSA ...

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Ben Mare and Jay Paddachee of Seiwakai

Seiwa Kai dojos are spread across South Africa .. From Durban HQ to the JHB region and down to Cape Town with Peter Klipfel Renshi in Tableview .

Also in Tableview is the Honbu dojo of Goshukan/Seiwakai  under Gary Mahnke sensei WC and in JHB under Rob Crawford sensei..


History of Ben Mare Kyoshi

Ben Mare Sensei

Ben Sensei is our Chief Instructor.

Started Goju Kai Karate in 1972 under the late Leo Lipinski Shihan and Stan Hart Shihan
Graded to Sandan (3rd Dan)1980 under Kikuchi Shihan,1 of 2 to have passed that year
Graded to Yondan (4th Dan) by Goshi Yamaguchi Shihan 1988
Shibucho (Regional Head) Goju Kai KZN 1980-1989
Executive Member of International Karatedo Goju Association (I.K.G.A.) South Africa 1988-89
Seiwa Kai Continental Head 1995
6th Dan (Rokudan) Seiwa Kai 1998
6th Dan (Rokudan) JKF Goju Kai Japan 2000
Seiwa Kai Examiner 2000
JKF Goju Kai Examiner 2000
Renshi Shihan Title 2000
7th Dan ( Nanadan) Seiwa Kai 2008
Kyoshi Title 2008
K Z N President 2011 to date
KSA Board Member 2011
Chairperson KSA Dan Regulation Board 2012   
8th Dan KSA 2018

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